April 18, 2014

From The Office To The Club: The Sleeveless Oxford

After laying in wait all winter for the skin-bearing seasons to commence, I’m annually bemused to remember that conservative workwear isn’t seasonal. My side-boob baring tanks and snarky crops have no place among white-collar office workers, who are still tied down by puritanical values and pleated khakis. At heart, I’m a jeans and a tank top sort of girl. So what top type translates (SAY IT THREE TIMES FAST) from lunch with the boss to drinks with the girls? You guessed it: a sleeveless oxford. The sleeveless oxford’s defining element is structure, which represents something much different than your standard tank or tee.  It’s the ideal combination of casual and formal, suited to a vast array of social and work occasions. Simply switch your work blazer for a leather jacket and you’re ready to hit even the most hipster-plagued social scene.

Here are 7 handpicked options for the stylish and versatile sleeveless oxford.

1. Alexander Wang 

Alexander Wang via Shopbop

2. 10 Crosby by Derek Lam


3. Catherine Malandrino


4. Designers Remix Aless


5. Acne Studios


6. Opening Ceremony


7. Free People


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