December 10, 2014




What do you get when you mix glam with grunge? Glunge. Characterised by the glam rock aesthetic- think modern Motley Crue- glunge looks litter the young and cool in major cities from New York to London. Similar, but not identical, to “soft grunge”, female glunge is channeled by everyone from Lana Del Rey to Taylor Momsen. Designers known for their glunge heavy collections include Rick Owens, Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson, & Vivienne Westwood.

Equally influenced by 70’s disco, 80’s punk, and 90’s grunge, glunge is a sensationalist style of dress characterized by ripped anything, animal prints, faded denim, black, metallics, band logos, and as much attitude as you can summon. Think Courtney Love and Angelina Jolie circa 1990. Glunge is similar to “pastel grunge” and “soft grunge”, but with stronger colors ie gold/silver/red instead of lavender/peach/seafoam.

glunge1Fierce Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen shed her Gossip Girl good girl image by becoming the postergirl for glunge. Glunge is all about attitude and sex appeal, which is why Taylor’s mix of a black leather jacket, patterned black thigh highs, a garter belt, cross pendant, and NYC muscle too is so incredibly on point. If you’re not sure about rocking a garter belt sans skirt, try tights that mimic the thigh high look. 


Patent leather pants, chunky 70’s platforms, peek a boo black bralette, and a semi-sheer metallic gold tank combine for a majorly glamazon take on glunge. A hint of lacy black lingerie and platform heels combine for maximum effect. 


Black layers are a bold way to add distinction through a mish mash of texture. Like Momsen, this glunge goddess wears dark cross necklaces that strike a distinctly un-angelic tone when multiplied and combined with studded bracelets. When weather isn’t compatible with the staple glunge leather jacket, you can substitute a long, dark vest. 


Double trouble takes on a new meaning when sexy young it girls Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevigne get together and channel the dark side. Again we see sheer mesh, stacked silver rings, studs, spikes, all black ensembles, and of course a cross necklace.


Here’s a less formal and slightly more colorful take on glunge. Denim that looks like it’s been through a shredder screams “PUNK”, as does a silver studded vest. Denim on denim is best done in two tones or at the very less distinctly different washes. Leave your doc martens unlaced for a “too damn cool to give a damn” effect. 

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