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Santa came early and he brought handbags.

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014
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Gucci Gucci Louie Louie Fendi Fendi PRADA

I am anything but basic and I have them all.  

Purses are like children that never cry, pee, talk back, or flunk algebra. I’m proud to announce two beautiful additions to my growing family of bag babies. Allow me to introduce them.    

Fendi 2Jours Tote

Hereby known as Frankie the Fendi



 Gorgeous, isn’t she? Frankie has a new very special friend, a plucky little red Prada who will no doubt become like a sister (if purses had sisters) to dear sweet Frankie.

Prada Saffiano Crossbody

Hereby known as Penelope





Yay for new bebes! I’ll post outfit pics with Frankie and Penelope soon.  


Top 10 Miuccia Prada Quotes

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Fashion designer, entrepreneur, curator, intellectual, feminist, and icon: Miuccia Prada is a woman of many talents. Miuccia took over her grandfather, Mario Prada’s, family owned luxury goods company in 1978 with little more than vision and drive. Over the three decades that followed, Miuccia transformed Prada into a fashion powerhouse, leading the label to record-breaking commercial and critical success and eventually making Prada the globally admired fashion institution it is today.  An outspoken liberal thinker and feminist, Miuccia Prada does not court the spotlight, but she also doesn’t shrink from it. When Miuccia speaks, she speaks with insight, gravitas, and a wonderfully endearing lack of pretension.

Here are my 10 favorite Miuccia Prada quotes.

1. Miuccia Prada on being different


2. Miuccia Prada on daring. 


3. Miuccia Prada on cliche 


4. Miuccia Prada on archetypes. 


5. Miuccia Prada on beauty.


6. Miuccia Prada on living the dream. 


7. Miuccia Prada on language. 


8. Miuccia Prada on older women. 


9. Miuccia Prada on sensitive men and strong women. 


10. Miuccia Prada on label whores. 


Fall 2014 Trend Guide

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Autumn is the Party Season and during this three-month soiree, the hors d’oeuvres include color, class, and edgy ensembles. Here’s what to wear when the Weather cools and we can FINALLY break out some luxurious layers. 

Fall 2014 Trend Guide

1. Get Cozy in Color

Fur, baby, fur! In a world where leather isn’t so frowned upon, we need to move on past the whole “fur is mean” thing. As Karl Lagerfeld says, “stressing over fur as a topic of issue is just childish.” I almost think fur is a requirement for fall, I think the leaves change colors when they sense the cozy plush being pulled from winter closets (or in Carrie Bradshaw’s case- the oven) everywhere. Fur doesn’t have to be so traditional- it could be modern and fun and colorful.



m-041414_Fall_2014_Trend_Report_shearling_slide_05Alexander Wang



2. Vibrating Edges

Two colors “vibrate” because they are opposite hues on the color wheel.  Both colors are equal in value, equal in intensity, but opposite in hue. This combination will result in this badass, ironically edgy. 



barbara casasolaBarbara Casasola

3. Let’s Knit Together

Knit took over everything this season. Fall 2014 will forever be known as the season of knit. I mean, why not? There’s a certain sense of beauty and seemingly unattainable elegance when knit is styled perfectly. Whether it’s a daringly form-fitting dress from Lanvin to an androgynous head to toe knit ensemble from Haider Ackerman or something simple but pristine like a nice, whimsical sweater from Nina Ricci.



haider ackerman Haider Ackerman

nina ricciNina Ricci


4. Let our Ensemble Dance

Fashion takes over Electronic Dance Music. Or is it that EDM takes over fashion? Fashion and music have always been BFF’s. I mean have you heard of Lady Gaga and Kanye? But this season, it doesn’t seem like music is wearing fashion, it is that fashion is wearing music.

dries van notenDries Van Noten

Acne StudiosAcne



Fashion is a celebration, so celebrate.