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Leather Leggings

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Leather leggings are a fabulous hybrid between the flexibility of leggings and firmness of leather. While leather pants tend to intimidate casual dresser because of their heavy wear and “heavy metal” stereotype, leather leggings are a softer way to wear leather bottoms without sacrificing comfort. Plus, leather leggings are incredibly flattering for a myriad of body types; the fabric skims and embraces curves while hiding flaws.

When selecting the correct pair of leather leggings, look for a skinny style that gathers ever so slightly at the ankle when worn without shoes. That way, you can pair leather leggings with a fierce set of stilettos and strike a hot, sophisticated silhouette. Leather leggings are particularly compatible with the Autumn and Winter Seasons, when the light yet warm material shields wearers from chilly winds without adding unflattering bulk. Depending on your body type, leather leggings can be cut with a high or low rise. Leather leggings look best paired with silk tank tops, long and cozy cardigans, and bright ankle booties. 


Rule #1 of looking legit in leather leggings: you’ve got to leave the leather jacket at home. I know, it’s excruciating, but leather jacket + leather leggings + leather purse (is there any other kind?) + leather boots (ditto) is too much of a great thing. This ensemble is a fabulous example of taking one super strong piece- olive leather leggings- and adding dimension without overdoing it by mixing subtle variations of black & grey. 


There’s a reason “Off duty model” has become a coveted aesthetic in its own right; professional clothes hangers are experts of tossing together a comfortable, elegant, and on trend ensemble at a moment’s notice. Poor things are bound to learn a trick or two from jet setting about and endless snapshots by street style stalkerazzi. Emulate this master angel by pairing black leggings with a loose T, classic quilted bag, and a nude heel. Black + Beige = Chanel 2015. 



Oxblood is massive right now. The rich, deep reddish-brown is a delicious alternative to basic black or brown for investment pieces that mix well with virtually anything. Using the same technique as our first example, this fashionista pairs colorful leather leggings with a casual T and black leather accessories. 



Lauren Conrad makes leather leggings red carpet ready with ladylike accessories, color blocking, and decadent shades of cream and grey. See how Lauren’s leggings are noticeably scrunched from lower thigh to ankle? Traditionally considered faux pas, scrunching is inevitable, even desirable, for leather leggings. Just make sure to push down your leggings so the scrunching starts no higher than mid-thigh. Conrad takes leather leggings from “off duty model” to “on camera ready” by pairing a crisp white blazer, close toed stilettos, and delicate accessories. 


olivia palermo leather leggings 2

Blue on blue never looked so cool. Olivia Palermo shows off some epic color combining skills in this expertly textured outfit. Like olive and oxblood, navy is a rich neutral supremely suited for leather leggings. Admire how colorful an outfit composed entirely of neutrals can be! Olivia’s dove grey booties and buttoned up navy coat share a vaguely vintage military vibe, while her loose white T and oversized handbag keep the entire ensemble casual. No matter who you are, scrunched leather leggings, a plain T-shirt, and an oversized handbag are a recipe for success. 

6 Stunning Stylehaüs Summer Outfits

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Even girls with the most fabulously full closets find themselves occasionally (ok more than occasionally) saying “I HAVE LITERALLY NOTHING TO WEAR” in a pre-party manic panic.

We feel you. No woman is an island, and no piece is complete without the proper pairing. Here’s 6 flawless ensembles for work and play to inspire all of our clients and readers for a myriad of occasions. See something you like? Scoop it up online or in store STAT. This is the good stuff ladies.

1. Power Lunch Pretty


Lunching with your overlord is exciting but also intimidating. You’re thrilled to have the one on one time with she or he who controls your income, but picking and pairing the right pieces is super scary. You want to look cool, yet mature, yet chic, yet totally someone worthy of a promotion. This unique black and white shift is professional, modern, and straight up shouts #GIRLBOSS. Add a pair of classic black pumps and structured red clutch for a lunchable look filled with personality and professionalism. You’ll leave a lasting impression that your boss will love. And maybe kind of envy. TRIUMPH!

Dress: Avelon, Bag: Safi Miran, Shoes: Prada


2. Flowing, Fitted, And Ultra Flattering First Date


The ideal first date outfit reads: I didn’t try to hard, because I’m super cool, but I look amazing, because I’m super cool. You’ll exude an effortless attitude of self assured style and chic composure that he’ll find insanely intriguing. This outfit is all about balance: a soft white top offsetting curve hugging black jeans, luxe ebony platform boots contrasting the ultra supple femininity of this jacket’s stunning ivory and baby blue floral print. The contrast between light and dark, soft and sexy, polish and playful will render him incapable of resisting your many, many charms. And who would want to?

Jacket: Veda, Top: As by DF, Jeans: Super Fine, Shoes: Balenciaga


3. White Party Ready Day Or Night


After a long day slaving away at work, the last thing any girl wants to do is go home and spend hours assembling yet another evening ensemble. We’re all about flexible fashion that can be worn at any time of day and in a variety of settings. You’re a busy girl! Why make life more difficult for yourself by sacrificing precious leisure hours to endless preparation? Warm weather is the ideal time to try all white, so here’s an easy way to upgrade an all day outfit and stand out with minimum stress and maximum lazy luxury.

(First Picture)- Top: My Line, Shorts: Genetic Denim, Shoes: Supra

(Second Picture)- Top: Veda, Pants: Bec and Bridge, Bag: Cobra Society, Watch: G-Shock


4. Work Funk Fabulous



Boring work wear is the BANE of many a pretty young thing’s existance. Who doesn’t long to love the attire they’re wearing for 8 (or more) longgg hours? Say HELL NO to boring suits and ill-fitting blazers and DAMN STRAIGHT to flattering work wear that stays true to your personal style without sacrificing the respect of your coworkers. Mix leather leggings with a bright knit peplum tank top and subtle stilettos and you’ll be employee of the month in no time at all.

Top: Marna Ro, Pants: Veda, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti


5. Blue Dream Babe



It’s sweltering outside and you’re dying to put aside fashion for just a day in pursuit of blissful, breezy comfort. STOP. You’re too good for tacky flip flops, ragged denim, or an unremarkable tank top. This look seems simple, and it is: just a beautiful blue tank top made on trend by a halter high neckline, high end denim shorts that make your butt look WHOA, and crazy cool kicks boys will envy and girls with lust. Simplicity doesn’t have to be basic, and comfort CAN be combined with cutting edge trends.

Tank Top: Alpine Stars, Shorts: Genetic Denim, Shoes: Supra, Handbag: Safi Miran

6. Cali Cocktail Hour


Cocktail parties are awesome, but many modern girls feel constrained by a classic cocktail dress. And that’s ok! This isn’t your mama’s cocktail hour, and you can dress up without losing that coveted cool factor. Be that IT GIRL by mixing a colorful and textured peplum skirt with an edgy leather crop top to look lady like and laid back.

Skirt: Camilla and Marc, Crop Top: Lauren Stucky, Shoes: Prada, Bag: Cobra Society

Weekly Pull: Feather Light Leather

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

light leather pull

Warm weather doesn’t mean tucking away your beloved leather!

These luxe and breezy leather ensembles are perfect for warm Cali days and cool LA nights.

1. Sweet Structure Meets Leather Mama


Who says black leather can’t be girly? Not us! More is more with this ultra supple Lauren Stucky leather crop top, Veda Leather skirt, and Veda handbag for an ultra feminine take on the all black leather ensemble.

2. Queen of The Urban Jungle


Leather and leopard is so done; we’re all about leather and zebra! We paired an open back Lauren Stucky crop top and just in super new super dope AS by DF leather pants with a classic Safi Miran handbag.