October 2, 2014

Must Reads: The Morning After And Friend Break Ups

1. What To Wear The Morning After

So it’s a Wednesday night and you’ve got plans. The problem: You also have to work on Thursday. Is it possible to prepare for a potentially spontaneous night without a lot of awkward baggage? IntotheGloss explores. 


2. A First Look At Cara Delevingne’s Entire DKNY Collection

The Cara D. for DKNY collaboration is finally here, and Refinery 29 has pictures. Every piece of the collection hits on that famously casual, post-gym style POV that she and DKNY share. 



PaperMag breaks down the trends your boyfriends will actually wear for Fall 2014. 


4. 8 Style Tricks To Steal From Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot

One part style icon, one part sex symbol, Bardot set the standard for top-notch personal style in the 1960s and 1970s with her combination of perfect bikinis and floppy hats, buttoned-up pantsuits, and simple dresses with shockingly short hemlines. In honor of Bardot’s birthday, StyleCaster translated 8 French Sex Kitten tricks for the modern trendsetter. 

5. The 3 Types Of Friends You Might Want To Break Up With, And How To Do So Without Being A Jerk

XOJANE will cure you of toxic frenemies… Or at least help you cure yourself


6. The Basic Project

Living the basic bitch lifestyle, one latte at a time, over at ManRepeller. 


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