May 23, 2014

Marina Monroe’s LA Weekend Guide: Where To Go While Fabulous

Periodically I’ll scan through LA-centric blogs and magazines in futile search of an adequately awesome weekend itinerary.

After wasting a frustrating hour reading about places I’d never go or bands I’ve never heard of, I inevitably give up and just go to Soho House. The lists are either too long, too short, too far, too expensive, or too ‘like hell I’d ever set foot in that cesspit. After reading one too many concert promos (HOW MANY CONCERTS CAN I POSSIBLY ATTEND), I decided to take matters into my own hands and create this short & sweet list for my fellow cool kids to determine where to go over the next couple days. Introducing the first installment of Marina Monroe’s LA Weekend Guide.

Friday May 23

Cuban Burlesque at La Descarga


Spend your Friday evening immersed in an upscale version of the criminally underrated Dirty Dancing 2. La Descarga’s subdued exterior cleverly hides this hidden Hollywood gem from the casual eye. After you’ve strolled by the bouncer with a confident air, you’ll enter into an exotic, steamy scene straight out of The Rum Diary. In addition to the gorgeously nostalgic decor and chic crowd, La Descarga boasts a bevy of dare devil dancers who put on a heart pounding show.

I’m not exaggerating: these women are on some Cirque De Soleil shiz. Why sip nondescript cocktails in a generic West Hollywood club when you can watch talented & glamorous women swing from the rafters while sipping authentic Cuban drinks?

Trust me. You’ve never seen anything like it.

Saturday May 24

 Jaws at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery via  Guest Of A Guest

Movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery via Guest Of A Guest

Ruin your next trip to the Beach with several hundred of your closest chums!

We all know that Hollywood Forever is THE spot to see an outdoor movie. Bring Your Own Booze (and snacks if you’re one of the few Californians left who eat in public), blankets, and patience.

The line gets real scary real fast so you’ll want to arrive early. Claustrophobic types or people who can’t stand talking during movies should sit this one out.

Sunday May 25


Holy hangover Batman, it’s time for Brunch at The Pikey

Numb last night’s pain with bottomless mimosas and gratuitous portions at The Pikey, my favorite West Hollywood brunch spot. Sunset Boulevard’s best gastropub is British in theme and angelic in source. The Pikey only serves organic, local, cruelty-free food and I swear, happiness makes animals taste darn good.

You’ll fit right in wearing enormous sunglasses and last night’s eyeshadow.

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