November 14, 2013

Make It Work

As you guys know, I’m not really a dress girl.  I don’t do sparkles, and I don’t do anything overly-girly.  From time to time, though, even I can’t resist the lure of a beautiful dress!  The problem I usually run into when considering a dress  is how to turn something so out of my comfort zone into an authentic Marina look.  My trick?  Tough shoes!


Marina Monroe Gold Dress

This black and gold body-con number at stylehaus is to die for- the stripe pattern is so interesting and different, and the colors feel spot-on for Fall.  While this dress could easily fall into club territory with eye-catching accessories and stilettos, I wanted to edge it up a bit.  Of course, I turned to my new Balenciaga booties for help.

When paired with high-fashion footwear, this party dress gets a low-key makeover.  Normally I wouldn’t suggest wearing a sparkly, body-conscious dress to work- but with low heels and rocker-esque hardware the dress hardly seems scandalous!

This feminine-with-tough mix can be achieved so many different ways.  Want to add some edge to a floaty maxi?  Try topping it with a leather vest!  Need to toughen up a flared miniskirt?  Pair it with distressed Doc Martens!  Done and done.

It even works vice-versa.  If you’re wearing boyfriend jeans and a plaid button down, a touch of femininity by way of a cute clutch will go a long way.

What do you think- will you try the edgy-girly mix?

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