September 6, 2013

What To Wear: Date Night

I’m normally in jeans, leather pants, or shorts and tights, so my fiancé rarely gets to see me in a dress.  For date nights, though, I like to feel a little more special than any other occasion, so I’ll sometimes reach for a dress instead of my go-to pants.  Dresses or skirts tend to feel a little too “girly” for me, but the newest pieces at stylehaus are the perfect mix of sweet and edgy.  I’m going to stock up on these dresses for future date nights:




The Alligator print dress is amazing!  This bodycon piece features a slightly longer pencil skirt and a covered-up neckline to balance out the sexy, skintight animal print.  The black and white color combo is pretty badass- I’ll wear it with black tights and super-high heeled boots.




This printed a-line dress reminds me of the Highlights magazines of my childhood; can you find all the hidden pictures?  There are butterfly wings, an accordion, and little animals hiding in this print!  The quirky but strategically placed pattern takes some of the saccharine feeling out of a fit-and-flare style, so it definitely belongs in my closet!


What do you think of these edgier dresses?  Would you wear them, even if you’re more of a jeans-and-tee girl?


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