December 5, 2013

What I Wore On Set

Styling is a funny business in that as a stylist, clothing and accessories can sometimes get in the way of my job!  When I’m on set and working with a model, a photographer, and a full crew I need to be able to work fast, move fast, and let the model be my top priority.  Crazy high heels, excessive jewelry, or things like low-cut shirts or low-riding jeans are pieces that, though cool, could get in my way.

Dressing for a job is always a challenge.  I want to look professional, polished, and stylish- so even though leggings and a tee shirt would be most comfortable, they’re out of the question.



I think I finally mastered the comfortable/professional mix at this week’s photo shoot!  Leather leggings look a whole lot more polished than cotton ones, so I grabbed my favorite pair and went from there.  A tailored plaid button down was loose and comfortable, and the fun print added an extra dose of style!  My brown Rag & Bone booties gave me a little extra height (I’m so not a flats girl), but their low, chunky heels are easy to move around on.  One long chain necklace provided some glitz, but didn’t distract from my work.

I’ll definitely be using this fashion formula for future photo shoots!  Do you have a job that can get in the way of expressing your personal style?  Leave a comment and let me know your dilemma- I’ll take a crack at coming up with a chic work outfit for you too :)


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