November 12, 2013

Tyler Shields’ Dirty Side of Glamour

Marina Monroe Tyler Sheilds



Tyler Shields is one of my favorite LA photographers, and on Saturday night I attended a showing of his work at the Guy Hepner Gallery in LA in anticipation of his upcoming book release.  The book, The Dirty Side of Glamour (available today!), is a collection of some of his most notorious celebrity photographs- and it’s amazing.


Tyler Shields



Tyler’s work, in his words, is about “freedom” and taking the false idea of glamour out of celebrity culture.  While some of his shoots get crazy-negative feedback (I’m sure you remember the Burning Birkin controversy), I love the realness and darkness of his work.  Some of my fave shots of his are his most controversial: Lindsay Lohan covered in blood, Sara Paxton eating ribs in the nude, his girlfriend Francesca Eastwood holding a burning Louboutin.


tyler shields 4


tyler shields 3





On putting his subjects in less-than-fabulous situations, Shields says, “People think that fame is so glamorous, but go and work on a set for twenty hours a day — you’re in the mud and you’re freakin’ cold, and you haven’t seen the person you love in six months. There are prices to pay for all of this fame, all of these things that people think they want. I just like to show all of that.”  I love that!  Tyler’s work is always pushing the limits, and I can’t wait to pick up a copy of The Dirty Side of Glamour.


Marina Monroe Tyler Sheilds2



I loved Olga’s graphic mix of black and white prints for the gallery showing, and Tyler of course played the part of Man of the Hour in a classic black suit.  I wore waxed navy skinnies to match my brand new Celine bag-  more on that later ;)


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