October 14, 2013

Trend That Needs to End: the Mini Skort


I am so over the Zara mini skort.  Sure, its unique look was fun while it lasted, but we can hardly call it a “unique” look anymore.  Now that every street-style blogger has worn this piece to death, can we all agree to bury it for good?

Why am I so done with the skort?  There are a couple of reasons.  For one, I hate when a piece becomes so recognizable that the world knows what you’re wearing and how much you paid for it.  When a piece of clothing is so identifiable, the outfit becomes more about the clothes than the person wearing them (with the exception of classics like a Birkin bag or 2.55, of course).  This skort isn’t a vehicle for expressing “personal” style anymore, because it’s become too mass produced to speak personally about its wearer.





Secondly, the shape of this skort is too severe to ever transition into a classic wardrobe staple.  The sharp edges are one-note, and will be forever remembered as “so 2013” years from now, like the oversized bellbottoms of the 70s and the exaggerated shoulders of the 80s.  With such a distinct shape, the skort can’t be reinvented with styling tricks or layering- what you see is what you get.




Now, I’m not saying that all skorts are dead- I’m all for more versatile versions like this one from Free People or these street style interpretations.  But in my humble opinion, the Zara mini skort’s 15 minutes of fame are up.  Do you agree?


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