August 27, 2013

Trend Report: Overalls

Overalls have been making a big comeback (along with the rest of the 90s), and I’ve finally jumped on the trend.  Today’s overalls can’t be worn the same was as they were way back when though; there’s a new way to wear them, and it’s so important to wear comeback-trends with a modern sensibility, lest you look passe.  So, without further ado, here are my tips for wearing overalls in 2013:




1.  Wear a tapered, skinny style.

In the 90s, overalls were baggy and wide-legged- that’s a no-no in today’s fashion world!  Since the cut of overalls tends to be looser and provides a lot of coverage, make sure your shape is still being shown in its best light.  Look for a pair that tapers in at the ankles and fits snuggly around your calves.  This way, even though your torso is obstructed by layers of denim (and possbily a flopped-over shoulder strap), your shape remains slim and feminine.

2.  Wear something tight underneath.

Along with Rule #1,  wearing something tighter underneath helps keep the look feminine.  Don’t go too low-cut though, or you risk looking looking overexposed.

3.  Pair them with heels.

Overalls and sneakers can come across as sloppy- pair overalls with your highest heels instead.  The contrast of the casual clothing with dressier shoes is fun and playful, in a grown-up way.

Would you attempt to rock the overalls trend??  I’d love to see how you style yours!

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