July 22, 2013

Trend I Love: Stylish Sweats



There’s nothing I love more than the combination of comfort and couture.  Like most fashionistas, I’ll sacrifice being comfy for a really amazing pair of shoes or tighter-than-tight leather pants- so when I find a cool piece that doesn’t require feats of physical restriction to get into, I’m totally on board.

The fall fashions that have started making their way into stylehaus have me craving a closet full of comfy clothing.  A major trend that I’m seeing- and LOVING- is the stylized sweatshirt.  While this isn’t an entirely new trend, I’m finally realizing a need for something like this in my closet with the start of fall merchandise landing in retail stores.




My favorite version of stylized sweats comes from my own boutique, stylehaus!  I love this crazy, colorful printed piece, and it’ll go with any neutral bottom.  Skinny jeans, leather shorts with tights, flowy silk pants- I’m going to wear this baby with everything.


zara sweatshirt


There are a bunch of options available at every price point right now.  If you’re unsure about a sweatshirt as a fashion statement, try out this sale piece from Zara.  At only $25, you can afford to try this trend, even if you only commit to its comfort a few times.


phillip lim sweatshirt


On the opposite side of the pricing spectrum, this topper from 3.1 Phillip Lim is a little more luxe.  The side zipper feature takes the cool-level up a notch or two, and the biker-esque graphic alludes to the heavy-metal trend that’s happening in the fashion world as well.  Two fashion statements in one?  Yes please!  Totally makes it worth its $725 price tag.


wildfox sweatshirt


Of course, Wildfox Couture might be the mother brand of all stylish sweats.  They’ve been making this sort of sweater since way before it was “in”, and they’ve mastered the laid-back but cool vibe perfectly.  I like this cheeky tuxedo sweatshirt- I’d wear it with a frilly skirt for an ironic-hipster look.

Are you going to invest in a sweatshirt for fall?  If you do, check out our faves at stylehaus!


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