June 20, 2013

Trend I Love: Drop Waist Dresses

I’ve developed an obsession with a microtrend that’s popped up on the Resort runways:  drop waist dresses.

While drop waist dresses aren’t a new concept by any means, I’ve noticed they’ve gained more traction in the fashion world recently.  A riff on the classic 1920s flapper silhouette, drop waist styles have lost and gained popularity over the years, depending on the stylish body type of the era.  The 1940s and 1950s all but banished the style, which was (is) unflattering on the ideal voluptuous hourglass shape.  The 1960s saw a surge in drop waist designs with Twiggy’s boyish figure taking over, but was soon overshadowed by the long flared styles of the 70s.  Finally, it seems drop waist dresses are here again!

Sea, Stella McCartney

A natural progression from the popularity of peplum waistlines, drop waist dresses “drop” their waistline down to the hips.  While curvier girls with hourglass shapes won’t benefit from this type of cut, those of us with waifish, boyish, or pear figures can rejoice!  This style smoothly glides over the chest and stomach and slightly puffs out at the hips, adding curves in some places and streamlining others.

Richard Chai Love, Temperly

Temperly London, Stella McCartney, Richard Chai Love, and Sea all showed drop waist options, and I just can’t pick my favorite.  I’m picturing the pinstriped Sea dress with Keds for daytime, and the raw silk Stella version with a giant statement necklace for a cocktail party or wedding.  Black booties and a long vest will make the Richard Chai number an edgy outfit, and this Temperly London piece is going to perfect for some of my more mature clients!

Kenzo, Alexander Wang, ASOS

If you can’t wait for the Resort versions to hit stores, you don’ t have to!  There are a few styles up for grabs right now, like these picks from Kenzo, Alexander Wang, and ASOS.

Do you think you’ll try out the drop waist silhouette?  If you’d like to, stop by stylehaus- we have a few versions of this cut that I can’t wait to style you in!

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