February 4, 2014

Traveling Through Turkey


I spent the last week in Turkey- more specifically, in Istanbul, the country’s capital.  You might not think “fashion” when you think of Turkey, but believe it or not the country’s got a thriving fashion scene (I’m even having my soon-to-be-launched clothing line produced there)!  My days were mostly filled with work, but I made sure I was able to get out and enjoy the Istanbul culture before I left at the Grand Bazaar.



The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is amazing- it’s one of the largest markets in the world, spanning over 60 streets and boasting about 3,000 shops.  They sell everything from food & spices to clothes, jewelry, & souvenirs, and the market attracts between 250,000-400,000 people a day.  Wow.



View of the city

I had a blast wandering through the market and picked out some awesome jewelry to bring home with me, which I’ll show you in a later blog post :)  For the day trip I wore something super-easy to walk in: leggings, riding boots, and my fave fluffy jacket to keep me warm!

I’m off to Tokyo next- I’ll be sure to report back on the crazy style I encounter!


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