February 11, 2014

Traveling Through Tokyo


Shopping in Shibuya

I just got back from a week in Tokyo!  I’m excited to be home after a few weeks of travel, but I’m already missing the insanity that is the Tokyo fashion scene.  I loved every minute of my stay- from shopping in the Harajuku district to discovering a new favorite bar.  Here are some of the highlights:

My top Tokyo priority was learning more about the fashion scene.  I started by exploring Shibuya, the main shopping district in Tokyo.  Shibuya is surrounded by the busiest railway stations in the city, which helped it grow into the epic shopping and nightlife sector it is today.  The shops are all crazy & unqiue, crammed together on cobblestone streets and in alleyways.





Candy, my fave store

The Harajuku district is in Shibuya, so of course I had to swing by and see what all the fuss is about.  Harajuku is kind of like the SOHO of Japan- the boutiques are a great mix of trendy & classic, local and international.  I stumbled upon this amazing store called Candy, which had everything from chain-mail vests to paint-splattered shirts to graphic screened tees.  I wanted everything!  LaForet Harajuku was also amazing, a department store packed with independent boutiques- found some the coolest pieces from Japanese designers I’ve never heard of before!



Night at Le Baron

In addition to amazing shopping spots, Tokyo has a crazy nightlife scene.  One of my favorites (besides all the yummy ramen restaurants) was Le Baron, a members-only bar that’s become a hotspot for the fashion crowd.



Since the fashion of Tokyo is so out-there, I took some fashion risks as well!  Tokyo was the perfect place to wear my bunny-printed sweatshirt and my giant fuzzy coat.  Other than that, I stuck to my usuals: leather pants, leather jackets, and my go-to Celine bag.

Have you guys ever been to Tokyo?  What are your favorite spots?


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