June 12, 2013

Top Picks: stylehaus

The best thing about having my own styling agency and boutique, stylehaus, is definitely the clothes that come with the territory.  My clients and customers at stylehaus help me determine what kind of pieces our boutique will carry, and a healthy portion of my personal style goes into it as well.  The result is a shop full of amazing pieces that I can’t help but want for myself!  Here are some of my absolute favorite pieces in-store right now:



This asymmetrically cut leather skirt is so incredibly lavish.  Its cracked leather is the softest thing I’ve ever felt, which is in direct contrast to the tough-as-nails detailing.  Zipper pockets and an off-kilter cut make this skirt the ultimate statement in bad-ass luxury.



Speaking of leather, I can’t get enough of this laser-cut tank.  The mixture of materials is genius: heather gray cotton jersey sits next to a smooth neon silk, topped with soft navy leather.  This casual/fancy mix makes this top the ideal mate for plain blue jeans.  Add some crazy heels and you’re good to go!



This crazy Thakoon dress is one of my favorites.  The cut is simple, but the colors and print are anything but!  Red roses (with human legs for stems) bloom on a clashing pink background to give this dress an Andy Warhol feel.  I love that this work of fashion art is having fun with itself.  While it’d be great to have the dress for myself, I know this beauty is waiting for a fashionista with a one-of-a-kind sense of humor to take it home.



Shopping for myself is fun, but sometimes shopping for my man is even better!  stylehaus has a small selection of menswear that makes me dream of playing dress up with my guy.  My favorite menswear piece right now has got to be these printed shorts.  The muted color palette takes some of the crazy out of the cartoon tropics and makes them wearable for everyday.  I suggest that the guy in your life pairs these with a denim button down and boat shoes!

If, like me, you find yourself smitten with any of these pieces, you know where to find them- stylehaus!

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