January 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Fulco di Verdura



Chanel wearing Verdura Bracelets



Verdura Ivory Enamel Cuffs



Marlene Dietrich



Verdura Double Crescent Link Bracelet



Princess Diana in the Verdura Double Crescent Link Bracelet



Marlene Dietrich wearing Verdura’s Lily bracelet



Verdura Emerald Diamond Cuff



Fulco di Verdura and Coco Chanel


Jewelry designers are truly talented artists (and my favorite kind, at that) and Fulco di Verdura is regarded as one of the most iconic. Timeless, elegant, and distinctly original, Verdura jewelry has been coveted by royalty, the Hollywood set, and high society for nearly 70 years. Verdura has created some of the most breathtaking bracelets, necklaces, and brooches donned by some of history’s most memorable fashion icons including Coco Chanel, Princess Diana, Greta Garbo, and Babe Paley. The Italian-born Duke began his career in the 1920s in Europe, where he had aspirations of becoming a painter. Coco Chanel caught sight of his incredible talents, and hired him as a textile designer for her Parisian estate. Soon thereafter, he began designing jewelry for her, including her signature gold, cross bracelets set with bright stones. Verdura’s brightly colored pieces and whimsically playful yet exquisite designs began to grow in popularity, and by 1939 he opened his own store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. As America caught on to these beautifully embellished accessories, leading Hollywood actresses of the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s were drawn to Verdura’s unique pieces, and he became regarded as one of the most well-known costume jewelry designers in the world.

The cuffs and bracelets are my favorite in particular, because they are incredibly stunning statement-pieces that are unique in their own way. Nothing displays elegance quite like a vintage or contemporary Verdura piece, and with a designer as notable as Verdura adored by so many fashion icons, it is not hard to see why these pieces hold a special place in my heart!


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