March 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Alexander McQueen

Spring 2003

Skull Patchwork

Spring 2011

Fall 2012

Fall 2008

Spring 2010

Fall 2008

Alexander McQueen


When I hear the word “McQueen”,  I immediately think of unique and whimsical fashion that always has incredible shock value. Shortly after receiving his master’s degree in fashion design, Alexander McQueen launched his fashion career and quickly became known as one of the most provocative designers in the world. From designing David Bowie’s wardrobe for his 1996-1997 tour and creating countless runways with some of the most unique inspirations such as shipwrecks, Scottish royalty, and skeletons, he quickly became known as, “the hooligan of English fashion.” His collaboration of fantasy and rebellion proved to make him one of the most recognizable designers in history. In 1996, he was appointed head designer for Givenchy but later created his own Alexander McQueen label after his contract was up, stating that designing for Givenchy constrained his creativity. By 2007, McQueen had boutiques in all of the major fashion capitals of the world and his designs influenced many musicians throughout the years.  Sara Burton, the current creative director of the Alexander McQueen label, assumed the role after his death in 2010.



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