June 13, 2013

The Style Network Stops By



Yesterday we hosted a few ladies from the Style Network at stylehaus for a seminar on fashion in the workplace.  It was so wonderful to talk to these stylish women about the dos and don’ts of office dressing, how to take a work outfit out on the town afterhours, and what trends to keep an eye on for the upcoming season.  Here are some of the tips I gave them and a few photos of the event!



If you’re in a looser work environment, shake things up in a shorts suit!  You know from my post earlier in the week that I love a suited-up shorts look with matchy-matchy shorts/top/blazer combos.  You can mix it up by combining different colors and textures into your “suit”- try leather shorts with a silky, oversized blazer or a tweed jacket with printed shorts for an eclectic take on office suiting.  Wear opaque stockings under your shorts for the office (gotta keep it covered!), but peel them off at night and add nude heels for a dinner date.  The nude heels & short shorts combo will make your legs look miles long!


Instead of your regular button down top, try a chambray top with your regular blazer.  Chambray (a light weight denim) adds a casual touch to office wear, but if you pair it with your usual pencil skirt and blazer it will look work-appropriate.  If you can get away with it, you can even wear your chambray top with black leather pants!  Afterhours, take off the blazer and unbutton your top a few buttons.  Perfect for a girls night!



If you’re in an ultra-conservative office that still requires a suit, don’t fret- there are options for you too!  I suggest playing with proportions.  Invest in a slim-fitting, cropped-at-the-ankle pair of suit pants and a shrunken cropped blazer.  Wear a longer button down untucked under your cropped blazer, and swap your corporate shoes for ankle booties.  Still conservative, but totally on-trend!  Swap your blazer for a silky tank and statement necklace at night and you’re ready to rock.



Thanks for stopping by, Style Network!

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