April 10, 2014

Style Forecast: The 10 Chicest Coachella 2014 Performers

Cali girls rejoice: It’s Coachelllaaaa time! Aka the most divine combination of music, style, and debauchery known to womankind. Fashion and music have been intertwined since the first scruffy musician realized “holy shit, I can date models now”. Sanctimonious downers might whine about Coachella’s fashion forward/obsessed guests, but I say more is more when it comes to creativity of any kind! Why not appreciate music while expressing yourself through style? How does enjoying fashion detract from enjoying music? Let’s embrace Coachella as a gorgeous opportunity to express ourselves, and admire the expression of others. Music festivals are often dominated by male performers, but Coachella 2014 is showcasing some amazingly talented and fabulously chic female performers who express themselves through BOTH music and style.

Here are my style predictions for the 10 Chicest Coachella 2014 Performers: Week 1



Greg Chow via Rolling Stone

Sound: New wave electronic mixed with dreamy grove pop.

Style: Scandinavian androgyny fused with TopShop trendy.

Forecast: Cropped black sleeveless top with strategic pops of flesh, high-waisted shorts, bold gold statement jewelry.


Ellie Goulding

via msn.com

via msn.com

Sound: Haunting,  distinctive blend of electro-pop and indie folk.

Style: Girly details over grunge shape with pop of metallic hues.

Forecast: Graphic or text tank, black shorts, colorful kicks. 

Lana Del Rey

via Samir Hussein/Getty Image

via Samir Hussein/Getty Image

Sound: Lush orchestral pop with nostalgia laced vocals and oozing sensuality.

Style: Ultra-feminine Americana with a wide streak of retro and dash of lowbrow sex appeal.

Forecast: Polished pastel sundress or ripped denim shorts with graphic, vintage inspired tank. Enormous hair.

Dum Dum Girls

via thisisfakediy.co.uk

via thisisfakediy.co.uk

Sound: Lo-fi pop inspired by 60’s Cali sound.

Style: Gogo meets goth.

Forecast: All black, patterned tights paired with shorts or dress, winged eyeliner, strategically mussed bedhead.


via TheMusicIntro

via TheMusicIntro

Sound: Indie darling combo of 80’s synth pop, 90’s R&B, and Fleetwood-Mac inspired rock.

Style: Casual tomboy chic blended with the Cali sister’s shared obsession with retro vintage pieces.

Forecast: Vintage, patterned tops, artfully distressed denim, lady-like flats, 70’s straight center-parted hair.

Jhene Aiko

via inflexwetrust.com

via inflexwetrust.com

Sound: Dreamy, irreverent, confessional R&B with all star Hip Hop hooks.

Style: Supernatural bohemian meshed with urban minimalism.

Forecast: Flowing bohemian shirt over cuffed denim shorts, pops of bright color/pattern, a few select items of statement jewelry.

Kate Nash

via aoscubos.com

via aoscubos.com

Sound: Singer-Songwriter, piano driven Brit-pop laced with insightful lyrics.

Style: Rebellious retro pin-up in super bright hues and often accompanied by GaGa worthy accessories.

Forecast: Eye-catching mod dress under art-pop bright accessories.


via thisisfakediy.co.uk

via thisisfakediy.co.uk

Sound: Unexpected but charming combination of dark R&B, quasi-industrial electronica, and indie-pop.

Style: Mostly black & effortlessly feminine with strong influence of her LA upbringing.

Forecast: All black, stick straight hair, form-fitting dress, minimal jewelry.


via nme

via nme

Sound: Jam band indie rock with disembodied vocals and instrumental interplay.

Style: No fuss all muss Cali rock.

Forecast: Dark denim, fitted tees, converse, and delicate jewelry.

ZZ Ward

via showbams.com

via showbams.com

Sound: Bluesy R&B with harmonica riffs that show off ZZ’s ability to belt like Christina.

Style: Another all-black fan who favors simple, tight jeans & tank top combos topped by her signature hat.

Forecast: Black hat, black tank, black jeans, pretty blonde waves, natural makeup.

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