October 16, 2012

Style Spotlight: Over-the-Knee Boots


1. Elodie K. Silver Lip Studs (inquire at Stylehaüs for details) 

2.Theysken’s Theory Wilona Abuk Bag – $890

3. Camilla & Marc Potion Dress (inquire at Stylehaüs for details)

4. Eugenia Kim Harper Fedora – $315.

5. VINCE Julianne Boot – $875

An iconic staple, and one of this season’s hottest trends, over-the-knee boots are an absolute must for everyone! Whether they are worn with a killer pair of denim or styled with a sexy skirt, the O.T.K. style is a great way to make a fashion statement. I personally love this shot, and outfit, of Brigitte Bardot and felt extra inspired to start rocking this style of boot -along with plenty of stylish pairings.

How do you wear Over-the-Knee boots?


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