June 11, 2013

Sites I Love

Last week I shared my favorite fashion tomes with you guys and, lest you think that I am always curled up with a hard-cover book, I wanted to share the sites I visit when I’m surfing the web!  The Internet is an infinite abyss of style tips, fashion pics, and procrastination tools.  When I want to catch up on the latest in fashion, kill time between meetings, or take a break from work and zone out in front of the computer, this is where I go:

1.  Fashionista.com

Fashionista.com is my go-to for all things fashion: insider news, celeb outfit inspo, street style photos, and even heated copyright debates- Fashionista has it all.  Whether you are just getting into the fashion business or you’re a seasoned vet, Fashionista will always be an interesting read.

2.  Style.com

Style.com is the ultimate in fashion.  My favorite thing to do on Style.com is browse runway collections.  They host a back stock of runway shows that date back to decades ago- which is a great way to re-invent yourself when you’re in a fashion rut!  Whether I’m browsing iconic collections of days past or live-streaming the newest fashion shows from the Paris runway, Style.com is a constant source of inspiration.

3.  PostSecret.com

PostSecret is a collection of people’s deepest, darkest, and sometimes funniest secrets, written on postcards and mailed into PostSecret.com.  This forum is an outlet reminding readers that we’re all in this together: I guarantee you’ll relate to almost every secret posted.  It’s nice to feel like we are never alone in our deepest worries and quirkiest fears, so I check PostSecret.com every Sunday.

4.  Pose.com

Pose is the perfect combination of Pinterest and Instagram, exclusively for fashion updates.  Whether I’m updating my personal Pose page with my latest outfit pics or searching through the archives for fresh ideas, Pose is my favorite new inspirational site.  Check my Poses out at http://pose.com/u/marinamonroe/poses!

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  1. Taylor says:

    Pose is awesome! I love Marina’s outfits on it :)

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