December 10, 2013

Shoesday Tuesday

I’m a shoe girl.  While I favor simple silhouettes and uber-versatile clothes like waxed denim and slouchy tees, I always reach for interesting shoes to give my outfit extra oomph!


Marina Monroe

Marina Monroe Miu Miu

I’m pretty much always wearing heels, but not stiletto- style heels; for me, the chunkier the better.  That’s why I’m craving these Miu Miu platform creepers!  Their chunky heels are a little bit schoolgirl and a little bit punk, and I love adding that vibe to my girlier outfits.   The mix of a sweet dress with hard-core footwear is so subversive and just my speed.


Marina Monroe New Zealand Fashion Week

How I wear creepers: with something super feminine

These babies just got marked down at Barney’s, from $650 to $389.  That’s totally enough of a reason to buy them, right??  If you want to get them too, you can grab them here.

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