April 15, 2013

Saint Laurent Goes Grunge



Since officially switching their iconic name from YSL to Saint Laurent, it seems the brand has been recreating an edgier image for themselves also.

I remember being (pleasantly) surprised at Paris Fashion Week by Saint Laurent’s usage of grunge into their look: with plenty of leather, plaid, and black, the show was definitely rocker-chic and had an edgier flair than normal to it. That is why I wasn’t surprised to learn of the new faces associated with Saint Laurent’s upcoming campaign The Saint Laurent Music Project: Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love, Kim Gordon, and Ariel Pink. All of these artists are known for their bad boy/bad girl image, and these rockstars have definitely made headlines in the media for more than just their music. No matter what type of music you may be into, I have to admit: these celebrities rocked out the campaigns. Their style matched perfectly with what I think Slimane for Saint Laurent was trying to go for, and he clearly wanted to pick artists who were recognizable for having this alternative edge. There’s no denying this campaign will split opinions on the brand’s direction, but Slimane has also opened up the label to a whole new audience, and I say bring on the leather!

What do you think of the new campaign; did Saint Laurent pick good representations for its rockstar image?

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