August 28, 2013

Packing: Fashion Week

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Tonight I leave for New Zealand Fashion Week, and right after that I’m jetting off to New York Fashion Week.  I hate lugging around filled-to-the-brim suitcases, so years of fashion week excursions have taught me how to be discerning and practical when it comes to what I pack in my suitcase.  Here are my tried-and-true tips for what to pack and how to do it:


1.  Make a list of your beauty and shower essentials ahead of time, since packing these usually come last.

I pack my shower, hair care, and cosmetic products last since I use them right before a flight, so I make sure to list out what I use every day at least a week beforehand, and add to the list as I’m getting ready each day and something new comes to mind.  This list will make it easy to grab what you need after getting ready for your flight without any worry.  A few extras that are essential but might not come to mind at first? Q-tips, for makeup mishaps; an outlet converter to use blow dryers and straighteners overseas; nail polish remover for unsightly chips mid-trip; hand crème for moisture-sucking flights.


2.  Make the actual travelling part as comfortable as possible. 

Sure, I’d love to read Vogue on the flight- but lugging around the 10-pound September issue will be mostly annoying in the end.  Instead, I’ll download the digital version to my iPad, along with a few books via the Kindle app.  A lightweight travel blanket that folds up into a compact case is great for extra warmth if your flight gets delayed!


3.  Choose either basic tops for the majority of your outfits, or basic bottoms to make packing half as nerve-wracking.

For fashion week, I’ll wear mostly jeans and leather shorts- so I can pack 2 pairs/each and be set on bottoms.  This will leave room for a bunch of statement-making tops in my suitcase, which I can switch out every day, as well as statement jewelry to dress up each look.  Black booties are perennially chic and will go with everything, so one pair (or two pairs!) will suffice.


4.  Plan all of your outfits ahead of time- but leave some wiggle room.

Planning out your outfits for each day ahead of time is super helpful, but what happens when you’re bloated from airport fast food and the outfit you planned just doesn’t look right for some reason?  For cases like this, I always pack 2 or 3 extra pieces .  Being a stylist is all about creativity, and if I pack only what I think I’ll need for a week or 2, I cut out any room to be creative with my look!  The freedom to mix things up is worth the extra lbs in my suitcase.




Do you guys have any travel tips you think I should know before I leave?  Please share!


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