October 9, 2013

Open Toe Booties vs Closed Toe Booties

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion- and even if there were, I’d be the first to break them.  There are, however, “guidelines” for certain styles and body types; but these guidelines are there to make interpreting trends a little bit easier, not to stop you from wearing whatever you want.

I know a lot of my clients have been confused over the “open toe bootie” trend.  Since the concept of an open toe boot basically has nothing to do with being functional (seriously, it’s never going to be cold enough to warrant covering your ankles but warm enough to need to give your toes fresh air), it’s tricky for most people to navigate.  What do they look best with?  When do I wear them?  When do I not wear them?  Like I said, there are no “rules”, but here’s a tip for navigating the tricky waters of open toe boots:  opt for closed-toe boots when your legs are bare and open-toe when your legs are covered.



Open toe booties are great for showing a hint of skin when you’re wearing a covered-up outfit.  Showing off your tootsies can give your look a sexy and unexpected edge without being scandalous- just make sure you’re always prepared with a good pedi!  I tend to wear my open toe booties with skinny jeans.



Closed toe boots are a better compliment to looks that highlight your legs.  I wear my closed toe boots with shorts, cutoffs, and miniskirts.  When I’m already showing a lot of skin, I like to balance it out with a little bit of coverage- so I opt for a top with a high neckline and conservative boots.


All in all, choosing which boots to wear is all about balance.  Not showing a lot of skin?  Try an open toe bootie!  Are your legs stealing the show today?  A closed-toe boot might be best.  Get it?


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