October 16, 2013

OOTD: Florals for Fall

This weekend I broke out of my usual black-is-the-new-black outfit formula and went for something decidedly more femme: floral pants.  While this may seem out of character for me, don’t worry- I toughened up the look with some signature Marina edge!



Every once in a while I like to indulge in a super-feminine piece, but I always make sure to balance out the girlishness with a little grit.  For example, a simple black tee shirt tempered the floral femininity of my trousers.  Since the black tee makes a bold statement and takes over the look, the overall effect is dramatic instead of dreamy- had I worn a white tee, though, the floral pants would’ve been the focal point and my outfit would’ve gone in a girlier direction.

Instead of sexy heels, I went a little more avant-garde with my footwear and chose chunky open-toed booties to show off my black pedi.  I topped the whole thing off with what’s becoming my new signature piece: a baseball hat!  Kind of obsessed with them right now.

See? Even flowers can look rock ‘n’ roll with a little styling!


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