May 16, 2013


Alexander Wang is quoted saying, “Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.”

How right he is!

What is the image you paint with your appearance when you don’t have an audience to present yourself to that day? Do you naturally gravitate towards edgy pieces or find yourself dressing for comfort when you’re off the clock? If you are looking for a chic medium, there are some key pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe that will look bold and fashionable yet feel loungey enough to rock on your day off.


Chloe 2013

Chloe walked a perfect example of stylish wide leg pants down their Spring 2013 runway.  These flowy pants are sexy and bold, and can be word with flats or heels. If the pants are a busy print, balance it out with a solid color top.


I’ve touch on the Boyfriend jeans in the past, but I love em’ so much I’m bringing them back around one more time to feature on this topic!  I love the ‘careless’ yet put together look these give an outfit.   It’s a contrast that balances out perfectly for a fashionista-gone-casual!


The sweatshirt has hit the streets in a whole new fashion!  Designers are using this cozy piece that was only meant for gym days and adorning them in signature logos, colors and embellishments.


A billowing skirt is one of my favorite ways to go casual, because the look says anything but that! The loose airy material is perfect for summertime comfort and you can’t deny its elegance


Vanessa Hudgens

A ‘go-to’ pair of boots are the perfect ‘off-day’ accessory. Rock them with jeans and a band Tee, and you’ve got a low-key look that still says ‘rocker-chic’


An oversized cardigan is a perfect way to dress for style and comfort, especially if you can find one with unique colors or prints.  I tend to think this look is a little more Bohemian than anything, so I favor it with cut off denim and a trusty pair of boots!


Jessica Alba

Take a word of style advice from Jessica Alba- it doesn’t have to be sub-zero temperatures to rock a scarf.  A soft, lightweight, printed scarf will boost your style-points while throwing a eye-catching accessory into the mix.


The world is your runway, fashionistas! There are so many styling options that keep you highly fashionable and still allow you to feel like its finally your Saturday; after all, you never truly want to give great style a day off!

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