September 13, 2013

NYFW: Anna Sui

I’m the farthest you can get from boho chic- I’m more of the downtown rocker type- but Anna Sui’s ode to 70s haute hippie culture completely won me over.  At first glance, I summarized the collection by saying it was A Midsummer Night’s Dream-meets-Arabian Nights-meets-Pocahontas; think rich Mediterranean colors, fairy-esque Raphaelite dresses, and Native American-inspired crochet tops and cover ups.  Normally too bohemian for my taste, this Anna Sui presentation made me think of jumping on the hippie train!  Why?  Because in addition to the above mentioned influences, there was also a healthy dose of ‘70s rockstar thrown into the mix!


anna sui 2

Jimmy, Jerry, Janis, right?


Can’t you just picture Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, and Steven Tyler rocking a lot of these looks?  (Side note- I obviously was super into the menswear at this runway show!) The fur-fringed vests open over a bare chest, the velvet pants worn low on the hips, the crowns and headbands casually topping flowing hair, the sheer fabrics- it screams rock ‘n’ roll to me.


anna sui anna sui 5


Favorite looks included the short and long gold flower-applique dresses (accessorized with butterfly necklaces), the sheer fringed dress worn with knee socks, and the modern silk bomber jacket and beanie topping a boho ensemble.  I wanted to steal the menswear pieces for myself too!  The fur-fringed vest, the sheer leopard button down, and the blue printed blazer just might find a way into my closet.


anna sui 4

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, no? Love the red hair.


anna sui 3

Pocahontas and Arbian Nights vibes


Picking apart the runway shows and piecing them together in my own way is one of my favorite things to , and of course if I were to cop these looks for myself I’d put more of a modern spin on them.  To make Anna Sui fit my personal style, I’d trade in the velvet pants for leather ones and wear sheer printed tops instead of dresses.  The sandals are super cool, but I’d prefer a heel myself– oh, and I’d choose a floppy hat instead of a crown!


And lastly, here’s what I wore to the show :)


anna sui 6


Are you in love with this collection as much as I am? What are your favorite looks?


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