August 29, 2013

Smells Like…

After years of being a die-hard devotee of Champaca Absolute by Tom Ford,  I finally bought myself a new perfume. I found myself in the fragrance department at Barney’s the other day and Le Labo’s Rose 31 scent grabbed me- the warm, woodsy sent was too good to resist.   Sorry, Tom, but I have a new favorite!




Rose 31 is centered with California roses, but has a few spicy notes mixed in as well.  It’s a unisex scent, too, which I love- my style is not overly feminine so I don’t want my perfume to be either.  I always feel like a hint of a masculine fragrance adds a layer of mystery and intrigue one’s style- it’s unexpected and thought-provoking!

Have you tried any of Le Labo’s scents?  They’re all great- you can even mix your own perfume at their stand-alone boutiques (one’s on West 3rd, one’s on Abbot Kinney).  I might have to try that next- maybe I’ll create the perfect blend of Champaca Absolute and Rose 31 for a 100% signature scent!


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