June 25, 2013

My Style Icons

As a stylist, I’m expected to know everything about putting together looks.  However, the fashion world is infinite- there’s no end to the different ways of putting outfits together, and everyone’s ideas are different.  Although I make my living styling for others, I’m still constantly learning myself.   I have a few style icons that I look to for inspiration.  Seeing how they choose to dress always inspires me to think of something new for myself and my clients!


One of my style icons is Lou Doillon.  Daughter of Jane Birkin, Lou was born into style!   As a model, singer, actress, illustrator, and muse, Lou has been exposed to so many different places and life experiences that influence her look.  Her signature mix of hippie, rock ‘n roll, and high fashion is like no other.


Another favorite style star of mine is Miroslava Duma.  She used to edit Harper’s Bazaar Russia and is now a freelance writer, and is part of “the Russian Mafia”- a group of Russian street style stars to recently become popular.   She can get away with anything with her petite, waifish figure, and she tries it all!  From a pearl bindi headband to denim cutoffs mixed with couture, Miroslava Duma isn’t afraid to take style risks- and that’s why I love her!


Emmanuelle Alt, the editor of Vogue Paris, is the queen of skinny jeans.  When I think of skinnies, I think of Emmanuelle Alt!  She’s personalized the piece completely and finds a way to refresh this closet staple every single day.  Emmanuelle’s style is cool and effortless, the very definition of Parisian chic.  I can’t get enough!


Who do you look to for inspiration when you’re in a fashion rut?  I’d love to know!


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