May 13, 2013

Must Have Monday: Olympia Le-Tan

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Clemence Poesy




Whoever said fashion isn’t educational? Not Olympia Le-Tan, that’s for sure! These adorable clutches in the form of books have been hitting the streets and red carpets, and after wearing one to the Brownstable Brown Gala in Kentucky last week, I have been obsessed!

Clutches are a huge trend for spring, and these boxed clutches are the ideal accessory for any occasion; with classic novels and fun designs hand stitched on the cover, these bags are a fun way to not only pay tribute to infamous writers and artists, but also make a style statement while doing so. Le-Tan’s embroidered recreations of book covers from first-edition novels like The Catcher in the Rye and For Whom the Bell Tolls are all handmade and have become quite the collectible evening clutch. Le Tan has said of her bags, “I was thinking there were all these beautiful books around and they were being forgotten with everybody on the Internet, so I made it so that you can carry them around.” These books are incredible pieces of art, fashion, English, and history all tied into one! How can you not love it?

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