September 16, 2014

Trend Report: Men’s Spring 2015

NYFW Trend Recap: The Shapes, Colors, And Proportions Of Mens Spring 2015​


shapes (1)


This seasons runway shows have brought us plenty of new menswear trends to feast on! For RTWr Spring 2015, geometric shapes and clean lines are in, in, in! As seen in Pyer Moss and Perry Ellis’ lines, black and white geometric shapes play a major role.

Bigger shapes on top of smaller are also increasingly popular with a long tunic paired with above the knee shorts as seen in Robert Geller’s line.

Lastly, the practice of mixing various textiles to create different shapes is taking over the runway especially with lines from Perry Ellis and again Pyer Moss. 



Some new proportions have popped up for spring 2015 menswear including larger, bulkier, thicker, jackets or sweaters paired with a tight, thin pant.  

Think large over lean. 

A more youthful look has sprouted with shorts or cropped pants as well as big shoulders, and bulky or long tops as often seen in Robert Geller’s line. 



Suits this season have a fabulous palate. Although classic black and white are still making an appearance, blue seems to be taking over!

As some are saying blue is the new black for spring 2015 and after seeing what’s walking down the runway, I have to agree. Red is also very popular this season if not an entire red suit or sweater/pant combination then a complete outfit with just a pop of red has been the new craze. 

Neutral colors are very fashionable this season with a lot of nudes, beiges, and creams showing up.

Finally, there is a huge trend of metallic fabrics in plenty of colors! From metallic blue shorts to a metallic red blazer, the catwalk has been pretty shiny for many men’s spring 2015 lines.

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