January 16, 2014

Lookbook Love: McQ

Fashion these days is sometimes so over-the-top.  There’s so much competition among designers, bloggers, and street style stars to be coming up with the newst, hottest, latest that sometimes the classics get overlooked.  I prefer to dress in a more uniform way- leather jacket, skinny jeans, & booties pretty much all the time- so it’s refreshing to see a runway  full of re-imagined classics that I can relate to.  That’s how I felt when I saw the McQ look book this week!

Alexander McQueen’s lower-priced line stuck to the basics for Pre Fall, like leather, plaid, and lots of black.  Not that there was anything remotely boring about it- basic pieces were executed in anything-but-basic cuts and colors.



I loved the boyfriend jeans covered in leather patches as the opening look; I could see casual fashion fans and diehard street-style aficionados alike rocking this.  With leopard print and a leather jacket, the look is classic and cool.


mcq-marina-monroe3 mcq-marina-monroe-4 mcq-marina-monroe-2

The bustier crop tops that Sarah Burton designed were perfect.  She paired one crop top with high-waist black trousers and a leather jacket, and showed another one worn over a plaid dress.  She even layered a crop top over a dress over pants!  Such a genius way to put a fresh spin on a super-trendy item- I feel like this layered look is going to be everywhere soon.



Piggybacking off of the harem pants trend, McQ featured trousers that tapered at the ankle and billowed over the legs which, again, felt trendy yet fresh.  Plaid trousers worked surprisingly well with a leopard-print sweater!



What I really loved about the look book, though, was that Burton dared to show a lot of all-black outfits.  Designers tend to shy away from this since it can look pretty standard, but all-black is so realistic!  Almost all the industry insiders I know often wear all-black, and so do I.  The McQ presentation offered the most realistic, every day wear.

Do you guys love this as much as I do?


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