October 21, 2013

Look I Love: Printed Leggings

If there’s one thing I’m into, it’s comfortable fashion.  Leggings are a go-to for me when I want to inject some comfort into my outfit, but plain leggings can be so unbearably boring.  Just to make sure that my relaxed looks never veer into boring territory, I’ve amassed a pretty extensive collection of printed leggings.


Printed leggings are just so versatile: what other piece of clothing can take you from a yoga class to brunch with the girls?  Adding a fun tee shirt or tank and plenty of accessories makes leggings totally appropriate for everyday wear, and that’s something that’s a must for me.  I mean, if a piece isn’t useful, why have it in my closet?  Plus, these babies are perfect for traveling in style- I always opt for fun leggings on long plane rides.

I tend to wear my favorite pairs with muscle tees, but there are so many other ways to wear printed leggings.  Try a fun pair with an oversized men’s button down, or even with a tailored blazer and over-the-knee leather boots.  Trust me- you’ll never be at a loss for a cute & comfy outfit again!

If you want to give this look a go just let me know!  stylehaus has a few amazing options right now.

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