October 7, 2013

Look I Love (For Somebody Else)

As a stylist, I have to be able to put my personal taste aside sometimes and cater to the client’s style instead.  While something may be absolutely gorgeous for one of my clients, that doesn’t mean that I would personally wear it.  stylehaus just received a few printed maxi dresses that fit this bill perfectly!





These flowy printed pieces are heavenly- I’ll send them out to my elegant, boho-chic clientele to wear for daytime events or casual weekend outings.   I’m picturing the burnt orange dress with a floppy hat and gladiator sandals peeking out from the voluminous skirt, but the galaxy-printed version can be dressed up a tad more.  A mid-length statement necklace and sleek strappy sandals would make this evening-appropriate.

That being said, I would probably never wear something like this- you know I prefer a rocker edge- but I totally appreciate the beauty in these glam bohemian pieces.  What do you think- are they your style?  Both dresses are available at stylehaus (Orange is $205, Galaxy print is $228), so call 323-655-5900 if you’d like to order one for yourself!

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