October 23, 2013

Look I Love (For Somebody Else)

Like I said in my last Look I Love (For Somebody Else) post, as a stylist I need to put aside my personal taste and create looks that are perfect for my clients.  I don’t want to dress Marina clones- I want to help my clients express who they are as individuals.  And since everyone is different, it makes sense that our wardrobes are different too!

When I order pieces to stock in stylehaus, I order with my clients in mind for two reasons: one, because I want to keep my clients happy; and two, because it’s easier to resist shopping for new clothes when the pieces are meant for someone else!  When I saw this color-blocked red dress ($465) in a lookbook a few months ago, I knew I had to have it.  Not for me, of course- I am so not a dress girl- but for my conservative but fashion-forwards clients.



The high neckline, short sleeves, and modest skirt length make this dress perfect for an office holiday party!  Color-blocked shades of red are festively high-fashion while the tiny thigh slit adds an air of mystery to an otherwise work-appropriate outfit.  A beaded statement necklace ($1250) brings attention up towards the face, and sparkly heels ($2245) balance out the glitz.  A simple black clutch ($795) offsets the bright colors and shiny accessories with style!



Now, when I go to holiday parties I like to push the envelope a little more- but if you want to stay playfully professional for work gatherings, this is the dress for you.  Set up an appointment with me at stylehaus if you’d like help putting together business-appropriate cocktail attire!


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