July 16, 2013

Look I Love: Bed Head

Having a bad hair day? Have no fear! While messy hair was once a fashion don’t, it has evolved into one of the easiest ways to look super stylish.  Blake Lively consistently embodies this concept: her always tousled waves have made her  a hair icon whose messy bedhead is inevitably envied and countlessly copied.  For Blake, it seems the look really is effortless:  she’s said that by leaving a hair mask in instead of rinsing it out, she achieves the piece-y look we all crave.   Easy and efficient!


messy hair


messy hair 2






When in doubt, bun it up- the messier the better.  Don’t be afraid to pull out a few pieces, add a few braids, or try on a turban-style headband.

This look clearly isn’t just for bed anymore; we even see it on the red carpet!  The old definition of “polished” has gone out the window, and Dianna Argon and Julianne Hough can attest to that.  These ladies look puled-together and cool with minimal effort; what’s not to love?!  Seeing these celebs rock the bed head trend inspires me to ditch my hot iron and styling products and give my hair the break it needs every once in a while.


messy hair 8


messy hair 9


There is a difference between effortless and literally-rolled-out-of-bed, though!  On days that I rock messy hair, I make sure my outfit has clean lines and a little more polish than usual; this way, my look appears deliberate and stylish instead of I-woke-up-too-late-to-get-ready.


messy hair 3


What do you guys think of bed head looks?  Would you try it?



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