June 4, 2013


Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere.  There’s an infinite source of style stimulation to be found on the internet, in magazines, on the runways and on the streets-but for us, nothing beats the classic coffee table book!

stylehaus collects all kinds of fashion-related coffee table reads.  In contrast to the fleeting fashion one-offs that can be found on the internet, fashion hard covers are comforting in their permanence.  They offer carefully curated collections of images, stories, and insights that never fail to inspire.  Here are a few of my go-tos:
1.  Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
This aptly-titled coffee table book, penned by the Olsen twins after launching their contemporary and high-end fashion lines, is overflowing with examples of what influenced the duo over the years.  Growing up in the spotlight and transitioning from Hollywood to Bryant Park exposed Mary Kate and Ashley to innumerable and varied inspirations.  This table top tome includes letters from one twin to anther, interviews with their favorite designers, up-close exposure to art exhibits, and of course, pictures of the girls’ signature style.  Even if you’re not a fan of the Olsen twins,  you can benefit from the experiences they share in their first fashion volume.
2.  I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks
Amanda Brooks is a blogger and fashion director at Barney’s who authored “I Love Your Style” and also runs a blog of the same name.  Endorsed by Diane von Furstenberg, Brooks’ book is one part exploration of her personal style and one part style guide.  She illustrates how to let your life experiences influence your fashion choices by walking you through different phases of her stylish life.  Amanda highlights the importance of experimentation with detailed overviews of hippie chic, classic style, and eclectic fashion. By the end of this read you’ll be itching to try something new!
3.  The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman
Photo blogger Scott Schuman leafed through years worth of pictures from his street-style blog The Sartorialist to come up with a hard copy collection of his most compelling shots.  Sparse on text, Schuman lets the viewer interpret his images without his guidance.  What you will find is an abundance of inspiring outfits from city dwellers, students, manual laborers, street-style regulars alike.  This compilation can offer anyone fresh inspiration, whether you’re a fledgling fashionista or a seasoned style maven.
4.  Kate Spade: Things We Love

This eye-catching accumulation of inspirations provides an inside look into the world of Kate Spade.  The creative team behind this retro-feeling brand decided to publish a book full of any and everything that contributes to Kate Spade’s creations, and the finished product is absolutely electrifying.  Full of polka-dots prints, bright colors, and awesome ads, this book will pull you out of any style rut!
What did I miss?  Comment with your must-have style inspirations!

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