July 23, 2013

Line I Love: Timo Weiland

Timo Weiland is one of my favorite new designers.  He’s been designing his eponymous line since 2009, and has been getting glowing reviews ever since.  StyleCaster has had their eye on him since his launch, and even the CDFA recognized his work and included him in their prestigious Fashion Incubator program.  Every season Timo gets better and better- his latest Resort collection is solid proof!

I love Time Weiland because he understands laid-back fashion.   His pieces, while fashion-forward, are relaxed and easy to wear.  As evidence by yesterday’s post, there’s nothing I love more than fashion that is functional- and Timo Weiland is the embodiment of that concept!




This striped outfit is my favorite from Resort 2014.  The little details make this somewhat-basic outfit come to life:  the netted shoulders, the contrasted stripe waist band, the “tucked/untucked” way the outfit is styled.  I could wear this every day, any season and never get tired of it!




This printed pair of slouchy pants is another piece of perfection.  Blue, white, and black feel great together for Resort, and the square checkered pattern riffs off of the seasons-popular checkerboard print with reimagined freshness.




Very rarely does the slightly-undone vibe translate to dresses- it seems that pants corner the market on that particular brand of laid-back cool.  Timo Weiland is one of the few designers out there that can bring the laid-back look to fancier pieces; I love how this checkerboard dress manages to look prim and proper yet unfussy.  I’d even try it with no shirt underneath!




Towards the end of the presentation we got a few of my new favorite pieces: stylized sweatshirts!  This black, white, and grey combo is super versatile- I’d get it to pair with the pants from Look 1 and 2, or my own skinny jeans.

What pieces from Timo Weiland’s collection are you dying to try?


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