August 14, 2013

Line I Love: The Olsen Twins for BikBok

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Launch Bik Bok In Oslo


I’m not embarrassed to admit that the Olsen twins provide me with constant style inspiration.  In addition to their impeccable personal style, their clothing lines are always on-point.  From leather detailing at the Row to perfectly-worn-in denim from Textile Elizabeth and James, to their young Olsenboye collection- you name it, I love it.  Their latest foray into the fashion world is a lust-worthy collaboration with Scandinavian line BikBok.  The “leather” skirts and bags and slouchy tees are the epitome of Olsen-cool, and start at only $14– and unfortunately are only sold in Norway and Sweden.



bikbokskirt bikbokbag






I’m waiting for these pieces to hit eBay- surely the northern gals lucky enough to have access to the collection will scoop it up and sell it for a profit on the international bidding site?  I can only hope!  Until then, I’ll just have to tide myself over with pictures from the look book.  Sigh.


bikboklookbook bikboklookbook2


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