April 29, 2013

Kentucky Derby Fashion

Happy Derby Week!  I can’t wait to go to the Kentucky Derby this coming weekend at Churchill Downs, and I wanted to take a look back at the fashions from years past!

Ginnifer Goodwin




Tinsley Mortimer




Kentucky Derby fashion is all about colorful, preppy southern-belle styles, and of course, eye-catching hats. Wearing a hat to the Derby is considered to be good luck, and there are no rules or limits on how crazy and fun your hat can be! Whether you plan your outfit around your hat or customize a hat to match your dress, the Kentucky Derby is the place to express the brightest and most fun side of yourself. Celebrities and other Derby-goers really go all out and get creative with their outfits and accessories every year. I already know what I’ll be wearing for all the festivities, and I’m looking forward to posting my personal pictures next week!


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