January 29, 2014

Jet Set Style

This week I jetted off to Istanbul (Tokyo next!), and I’m already have a blast.  Traveling is fun, but the actual traveling?  Not so much.  Luckily, I’ve traveled enough to have a tried-and-true airplane routine that makes my experience not only easier, but more stylish!



A great travel outfit is essential.  I will only wear leggings on the airplane- there’s nothing comfier!  While I normally love a printed legging, this time I chose a plain black pair.  Next, I top the leggings with a loose tank top (great for napping) and a leather jacket.  On the plane I’ll wear slip on sneakers, but I always stash a pair of heeled boots in my carry on.  I switch footwear as soon as we land!



Right off the plane- after I switched shoes, of course.


Here are a few more easy outfit fixes for stepping off the plane in style:  bring along a wide-brimmed hat (sleep hair!), stash a statement necklace in your bag (it’ll jazz up jeans and a tee), or swipe on a bright lipstick after landing for a fresh-faced makeup look!

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