July 31, 2013

How To: Mix Prints

I’m a huge fan of mixing and matching different prints and patterns!  When it comes to matching, all the rules have gone out the window in the past few fashion seasons and (almost) anything goes.  There are a few tricks to figuring out exactly what can go together and what shouldn’t, so I follow these guidelines before I mix it up:


mixed prints marina


1.  Make sure there’s a common element.

Here, I mixed a blue-based printed top with a contrasting skirt that had a bit of the same bright blue in it.  I love how these pieces compliment each other in such a subtle way.  Since they have something in common, the mismatched prints don’t overwhelm the outfit.


2.  Keep the silhouette simple.

Your mixed prints are going to turn heads, so let them be the focus of the outfit by keeping the cut of your pieces simple.  A classic hourglass shape is perfect- this classic outline lets your wild prints shine!


3.  Add a solid to the mix.

You don’t want to mix too many prints- make sure you incorporate a solid or neutral piece into the look.  You can do this by adding nude pumps or a basic clutch.  Here, I chose a solid blue bag that didn’t interfere with my outfit- it tied everything together in a fun way.


What do you think of these mixed prints?  Would you try this wild look?


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