June 10, 2013

How To: Dress Like A Stylist

“Help me dress like a stylist!” is something I hear a lot.  As a stylist, it’s my job to help my clients look their absolute best.  However, styling is hard work!  A typical day includes running around with my arms full of garment bags, carrying shoe boxes piled up to my head around the Grove, digging around in clients’ closets, running to the post office to ship off packages to clients’ homes, and squeezing in a few business meetings.  With such a wide range of activities to prepare for- from manual labor to luxurious lunches- it can be a challenge to get dressed for work!  I want to dress in a fashionable way that’s representative of stylehaus, but sometimes it’s hard to resist the urge to throw on jeans and sneakers.

Here are a few snapshots of me during a typical work day; I’ll break down my outfits for you and show you how to dress like a stylist, for the ultimate combination of function and fashion!

Pants, Zara.


Silk pants are my savior!  Loose fitting pants in silky soft materials feel just like pajamas, but have the look of luxury.  Plus, you can find silk pants everywhere right now- from Forever 21 to Saks 5th Avenue.  When I need to look polished and put together, these are my go-to.  I’m loving flowery prints right now, so I’ve stocked up on a few floral pairs that I can rotate throughout the week.


All clothing, Michael Michael Kors.


Matching short suits are another on-trend way to be cozy without sacrificing style.  Instead of my comfortable cut-offs, I choose tailored shorts in sturdy materials for a work outfit that doesn’t limit my range of motion.  Sometimes a dress is hard to run around in:  I don’t want to the wind to pick up my skirt when my arms are of full of bags!  Dress shorts are the perfect alternative.  I can run from meeting to meeting with ease and still look totally put-together.  Pair your shorts with a matching top or blazer to get a “suited up” look that’s anything but stuffy!


All clothing, Michael Michael Kors.

On those days that I’m dying to wear jeans, I turn to leather pants instead.   Leather pants or even wax-coated denim are great, dressy alternatives to jeans.  I like to dress up my basic leather pants with really fun shoes, like these amazing stacked-heel boots from Cobra Society.  Great shoes take a casual look up a notch; they are one of my favorite stylist style secrets!


Boots, Cobra Society.


Sometimes I can’t resist the feminine lure of a dress.  Instead of a flowy, super femme option, I opt for a neoprene version!  Neoprene (what scuba suits are made of!) is my favorite new material for dresses and separates:  instead of unflatteringly clinging to every inch of your body (like stretch cotton can), neoprene simultaneously smoothes and skims over your curves.  It’s stretchy, breathable, and right on trend.  I tend to throw tights on under my dresses for extra coverage, and go for low-heeled boots for extra support.


Dress, Clover Canyon.


See?  It is possible to be cute and comfortable at the same time!  If you’re having trouble achieving this look on your own, just give me a call at stylehaus and set up an appointment today!

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