October 29, 2013

Glam Halloween

I’m not one for going overboard on Halloween.  Sure, I like to dress up, but I use Halloween as an excuse to take a familiar look up a notch or two.  For example, my costume this year involves leather, whips, and chains:  just a sexier, more hardcore version of my usual uniform of skinny jeans and a leather jacket!

If you don’t feel like going all-out either, I found the most perfect minimal-effort costumes for you today on netaporter.com.  Since Halloween is only 2 days away, you’ll have to express ship these babies- but it’s worth it, right??










These Erickson Beamon masks are fabulous, and they’ll go with pretty much anything.  Wear the black and gold mask with an all-leather outfit, try the black and silver with a futuristic look, or wear the butterfly mask with a colorful floaty dress for the easiest, most glamorous costume around.

The best part?  These masks are actually pretty versatile!  You can reuse them every year (because honestly, as we get older we’re less inclined to dress up) with different outfits, and even break them out for New Years or Mardi Gras.  Invest in one now, and you’ll have your costumes for the next few years all set.

One will run you between $1900 – $2700, and you can get them here.  You’re welcome!

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