May 2, 2013

Throwback Thursday: From Chaos to Couture



The punk-rocker chic look is back in all its glory, and look what I pulled out of the 1970s… a punked-out Vivienne Westwood!

Without a doubt in the world, our fabulous designer has come a long way since rocking her spiked leather and ripped band tee’s of the 70s, but it was that very white-hot-rebellion that made her the striking legend she is now. While you won’t find Westwood on the Punk scene anymore, the eccentric fashion queen is quoted venting “I hated war…hated the older generation… Punk was a call-to-arms for me!” and the rest is history.

Once the collaboration of Westwood and her (then) lover Malcom McLaren came together, they became the pioneers of adorning jackets with safety pins, mashing orderly Scottish plaid with spikey dog collars and taking bondage gear out of privacy and onto the runways. The fashion duo held down a boutique on the famed Kings Road throughout the punk era that became the mother ship of producing punk fashion, and still bears the name they left it with today; Worlds End.

Designers like Jean Paul Gaultier , Alexander McQueen and John Galliano have been known for letting their punk influences shine through their creations on the runway, but without Vivienne Westwood the fashion-excursion into the punk aesthetic would never be the free, unstoppable force that it is today, and Westwood is proud to still call herself  “the only punk left”.




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