February 20, 2014

Fashion Week 2014 Beauty

I’ve been loving a lot of the new collections coming out of Fashion Month- Alexander Wang and Matthew Williamson have been my favorites so far.  Aside from tons of clothing inspiration, fashion month is giving me a new outlook on beauty too!  Two shows in particular stood out to me: Giles and Gucci.


giles-fall-makeup giles-fall-2014-makeup

The Giles show was a fun mixture of 60s throwback and modern/moody.  While I loved the clothing parading down the runway, it was the eye makeup that really got me.  Dark black eyeshadow (my favorite) covered the lid, while bright blue eyeshadow lined the bottom rim.  This is such a fun take on my usual all-over-black eyeshadow routine, and I think I might have to try it.  The Giles blue is a little intense for me, so I’ll test the look with a dark navy on bottom.


gucci-makeup-pat-mcgrath gucci-makeup-pat-mcgrath

Gucci also got in on the 60s theme, and the makeup matched the clothes.  The eyeliner shown was a new take on the classic cat-eye; upper lids and lower rims were lined with black eyeliner, but the lines never touched in the outer corners.  The result was fresh-faced and eye-catching!  Since I normally line both my upper and lower rims anyway, I might try to switch things up in the near future by imitating the Gucci girls.

What’s been your favorite beauty moment of Fall 2014?


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