August 16, 2013

Fashion Phases: In A Relationship

It’s so common to fall into a fashion rut when you’re in a relationship.  We all know people who have fallen victim to the sweatpants way of life once they feel secure in a partnership- when you’re already with the person you love, sometimes dressing up isn’t as much of a priority!



Mismatched sheer prints; Ben loves it!


Then there’s the other way of relationship dressing: going all out, a la the Man Repeller.  When you don’t have to worry about whether your outfit reads “guy hot” or “girl hot”, you have the freedom to express yourself fully.  This is my relationship dressing method of choice!



Ben mixes it up with his fashion too- I love his contrasting suit and he loves my giant hat!


If you’re in a relationship and find yourself neglecting fashion, rethink your reasoning.  Try to see your secure status as an opportunity to experiment without fear of judgment- you can try any crazy trend you want, and you’ll have someone who loves you to give honest feedback on new styles.  I love that my fiancé embraces my crazy fashion moments!  He thinks it’s great that I switch up my style all the time, so I let myself go a little farther with crazy prints, mismatched colors, and out-there cuts.  It’s the ultimate fashion freedom!




Do you subscribe to one of these ways of dressing when you’re in a relationship?  I’d love to know!


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